Gorilla charms Cougar at Sydney Comedy Festival launch

Cougar Carlotta McIntosh with Sydney Comedy Festival star

Just when I thought I could no longer pull men, I went to the launch of the Sydney Comedy Festival and found I was wrong.

A little hairy and maybe a tad under age, my new escort was gallant, affectionate and affable, with a broad toothy, irresistible smile.

Plying me with champagne, mini quiches and petit tartes, this hirsute example of virile manhood made me quiver and shake and even laugh out loud over a glass of bubbly or two.

After some sweet whisperings in my ear, he extracted himself from my cougar clutches and lumbered swiftly and elegantly around the stage handing out a sheaf of promo mags on the annual Sydney Comedy Festival to be held from April 22 to May 11.

Nine years old and growing fast, the festival has become a 150 show monster featuring old favourites such as Paul McDermott, the Kransky Sisters, Anh Do, Stephen Kamos, Effie, Judith Lucy, Wendy Harmer and others too numerous to mention here.

Seizure Kaiser and Mark Williamson at the festival launch

Nothing is sacred this year as the inaugural Jewish Comedy Showcase 2013 promises non kosher jokes, Margaret Cho focuses on strong women in queer culture and Mark Williamson tells the story of Guns ‘N Roses bad band, backed by classically trained musicians.

Seizure Kaiser will host the 5th annual Yo Mama Battle, an interactive show in which comedians will battle it out over topics picked by YOU, the audience.

Imaan Hadchiti will debut with his discussion of freedoms and religion, Greta Lee Jackson will display her obsession with true crime, and Sons of Singapore, a Chinese, Indian and Malay trio,  will perform together in Sydney for the first time.

Last minute addition to the line up is Puppetry of the Penis featuring genital origami. Ouch!

And 30-Rock’s Tracy Morgan is among the announced acts for this year’s festival which director Jorge Mendis has promised will be the biggest to date.

Venues include the Comedy Store, Moore Park; The Concourse, Chatswood; Enmore Theatre; the Factory Theatre, Marrickville; the Entertainment Centre; Happy Endings, Kings Cross; the Harold Park Hotel, Glebe; Hayden Orpheum, Cremorne; the Metro Theatre, Sydney; the Seymour Centre; Sidetrack Theatre, Marrickville; the State Theatre and the Sydney Opera House.

Tickets to the 9th Annual Cracker Night of international funny men and women on April 22 featuring a dazzling line-up of the biggest and best Australian legends, international stars and next big things of comedy, have already sold out.

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