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Hannah Waterman and Keith Agius in The Whale Photo: Rupert Reid

Review: The Whale

There is nothing quite like going to the Old Fitz Theatre on opening night: it’s an excuse to get dressed up, have a nice glass of wine or a beer and ogle at the variety of Sydney characters in one of the …
Kate Williams and Jeremy Waters Photo: Vanessa Wright

Review: A girl with sun in her eyes

The powerhouse production, A Girl With Sun In Her Eyes, opened at The Old Fitz theatre in Woolloomooloo on Friday night. Written by the Chicago-based Joshua Rollins, this is the first time it has been performed in Australia. Audiences will love this …
Review: Orphans, The old Fitz, Woolloomooloo

Review: Orphans, The old Fitz, Woolloomooloo

  Anthony Gooley’s Orphans, performed at The Old Fitz – my new profoundly favourite pub-theatre in the centre of Sydney – is a heart-warming thriller with a social index: the abuse and neglect of orphaned children that is still relevant today. Walking …