Sweet escape to Deauville-Trouville: make your choice

Vintage paintings in the streets of Trouville

Vintage paintings in the streets of Trouville

Deauville and Trouville, only two hours from Paris by train or car, are the most famous sea resorts where Parisians escape the hustle and bustle of the city. But beware! In appearance they may look alike but quickly you will understand that between Deauville and Trouville, you will have to choose.

With a sweet but changeable weather and endless fine sand beaches, Parisians have been enjoying weekends and holidays in Normandy since 1863 and the opening of the Paris-Deauville train line. Wealthy families were part of the luxurious legend attached to Deauville which continues to this day. This attracted many painters and artists that also left Paris to find  inspiration at the seaside.

Even in 2014, when arriving by train from Paris Gare Saint-Lazare, the choice is already tough: which way to go? Deauville on the left or Trouville on the right? Only 100 metres set them apart, already creating a humerous rivalry.

Multi-colured tents on Trouville beach

Multi-colured tents on Trouville beach

Trouville, the authentic one

With more than 4000 inhabitants, Trouville has the charm of a fisherman’s harbour and a small village with quaint houses and narrow streets. Between sea and countryside, some have nicknamed Trouville the “Queen of Beaches”.

In the 19th century, Trouville became famous for its sea baths and new swimsuit trends with many painters enjoying the access to many new models for their art. La Belle Epoque, as they said, brought famous painters like Flaubert and Boudin to the seaside.

If you want a nice relaxing time with a book and a fresh beverage on the beach, Trouville will simply be the best choice.

Deauville, the posh one

On the other side, internationally famous Deauville is pure luxury. Where the cinema and racegoers meet, Deauville provides something unique that has made it legendary. The 653-metre wood walkway, multi-coloured beach umbrellas, luxurious hotels and the casino add up to the chic ambiance and charm of this seaside resort.

The Deauville walkway next to the beach

The Deauville walkway next to the beach

On the wooden walkway, you can admire famous American film stars and you can also attend the American film festival which takes place each year in September making Deauville the centre of attention.

Finally, luxurious boutiques attract many wealthy families from abroad, adding a little more ‘bling bling’ than in the past. But we should not forget that despite the plethora of luxurious brands today, fashion pioneer Gabrielle Chanel opened her second Chanel store in Deauville in 1913.

So whether you are looking to party and shop or rest and sunbathe, you can easily find something to suit between Deauville and Trouville!


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