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“Alan Jones, we’re not happy!” Photo:Laura Moore

Alan Jones has done it again. In his very own Mitt Romney moment, the vitriolic shock jock was caught on tape telling a private function that Prime Minister Julia Gillard’s father “died of shame”.

Twitter is abuzz with outrage at a story on tomorrow’s front page of the Sunday Telegraph but already published online.

It says Jones addressed the comment to about 100 Young Liberals at the yearly Sydney University Liberal Club President’s Dinner held at the Waterfront restaurant in The Rocks last Saturday.

Jones appears to have also suggested that Mr Gillard’s death On September 8 boosted the PM’s poll numbers.

A poll now on the Daily Telegraph website asks whether Jones has finally gone too far. At 3.20 pm September 30 the result is:

YES 77.99    (25,659)

NO     22.01  (7240)

Disgust at his words spread rapidly  and #boycott2GB  is trending.

Thousands of tweets are urging for the boycott of 2GB  and of any companies that advertise on Jones’s show. Tweets are being directed at Virgin Mobile Australia, Oxfam, Amcal, Home Hardware and Freedom Furniture calling on the companies to withdraw their support.

Here’s a bit of a taste. Countless are aimed at the sponsors:


Seriously @oxfam pull your sponsorship of 2GB immediately shocked you even sponsor a place that employs someone like Alan Jones#boycott2GB

@LainieEiff @Freedom_Au I will not shop with you while you continue to support, through your advertising, the despicable #AlanJones #boycott2gb

@kateyharc If you really want Alan Jones off the airwaves. Send your complaints to 2GB’s main sponsors.

@donnamulhearn: This FB page has a list of 2GB sponsors #boycott2GB#Auspol #BoycottAdvertisersWhoSupportAlanJones

Many are directed at politicians and the media:

@julieposetti How can Oz politicians validate Alan Jones’ vilification of women? Those opposed to sexual discrimination should boycott his show

@Schtang As Jones spoke at a LNP function, Abbott & the LNP need to repudiate his comments immediately! otherwise they own them

Many are aimed at 2GB:

@2FBS Dear @2GB873 Alan Jones is a despicable bitter disgrace. That you employ him and condone his vile statements is to your shame.#Boycott2GB

@MsRonnyB @2GB873 I implore every Australian to refuse to listen to 2GB until Alan Jones is dismissed. #boycott2gb Immoral unethical shameful!

@zackster They also have a business model that relies on advertising. Why not do both! #boycott2GB #AlanJonesMUSTGO

And at The Daily Telegraph.

@janecat60 @CraigEmersonMP When you next speak to the PM please let her know of our utter condemnation of Jones & his colluders to publish that filth.

Others defend the decision to publish        ;

@Colvinius Top work by the Sunday Tele on the Jones story. And to their critics: the audio is what makes the story work, because it’s undeniable.

In the end, it’s personal

@HeyBaudelaire Alan Jones, my dad always told me that bullies hate themselves the most.

@ThumpersAunt How could Alan Jones say such a thing, it is beyond disgusting. Its time he was retired from public life #boycott2GB he is a dreadful man

@tim_chr Alan Jones is without a doubt the most repulsive man in Australia.#boycott2gb

@JustJen64 #Boycott2GB some things out of simple common decency should never be said WHY is Jones permitted to say SO MANY OF THEM


What a surprise, Alan Jones has once again proved what a truly misogynistic, disgusting and hateful man he is #boycott2GB

Word of Jones’s comments was first tweeted three days ago by the Beanie Kid@greenat16 but the story has now spread everywhere.

The 2GB shock jock has just taken out the Ernie award for declaring: “Women are destroying the joint, Christine Nixon in Melbourne, Clover Moore here, honestly there is no chaff bag big enough for these people.”


The story has today been the leading news item in all mainstream media and led to an Alan Jones ‘apology’ on ABC News24 mid-morning which did not go down well. The twitter sphere again erupted in disgust.

@esseeeayeenn @abcnews24 @abcnews Stop calling Alan Jones’ press conference, which he used as a platform to further attack the PM, an “apology”.#auspol

@psychamuse Community understand patterns of speech yet @ABCNews24 do not.#AlanJones “apology” was qualified & meaningless. ABC say it was gracious.

@beezageeza @ABCNews24 It wasn’t an apology. At all. In any way. Stop referring to it as such.

@Phil_Staley BREAKING: Alan Jones will hold 2:30 press conference to apologize for 11:30 press conference.


Malcolm Turnbull denounced the Jones comment this morning.  Opposition Leader Tony Abbott has not yet condemned it.

@Volvo_of_doom Eerie silence from Tony Abbott in regards to Alan Jones – no doubt trying to find a way to use still the words “Top Bloke”& “Colourful”.

@BowlerBarrister Tony Abbott, it is about character & your lack of character is now available for all to see. Your support of Alan Jones is disgraceful.

@SwannyDPM @TonyAbbottMHR‘s failure to condemn these comments for 18 hrs so far is a failure of his leadership. @TurnbullMalcolm and other Libs have

The Sydney University Young Liberals have also come under attack for initially denying the comment before hearing it had been taped and for removing a tweet sent the day after the dinner describing Jones’s speech as “brilliant”. There was also outrage at reports that a Jones had provided a signed chaff bag for auction on the night.

‏@jonaholmesMW RT @KieraGorden: Dear @SydneyUniLibs You appear to have removed a tweet for some reason! Not to worry, I have a

@senatormilne Liberal Party legitimises Jones “chaff bag” remarks. Disgraceful@chmharvey the list of auction items from Jones dinner 

@lukebuckmaster At least the rest of the evening went well for Sydney Uni Young Libs. Not as if they auctioned off a chaff bag signed by Alan Jones. Oh.

@senthorun Dear @SydneyUniLibs, how’s it EVER appropriate to auction a “chaff bag” associated to drowning the PM?  @USUBoard

Nor did 2GB’s removal of its sponsors from the website go down well leading to a stream of tweets providing the list.

@Billablog Alan Jones makes disgusting comment. 2GB springs into action. Removes sponsor list from website. Priorities.

@MWhalan petition to sack Alan Jones from 2GB at  now goes to all sponsors pls sign &pass on ping @greenat16 …

Jones is now trying to contact the Prime Minister to apologise in person and at greater length and the social media  (and now mainstream media) storm rages on.




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