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Sydney Film Festival Review: Gimme Danger

Musicians have always played muse to American independent filmmaker Jim Jarmusch. The director’s long and rich history of collaborations include his playful partnership with the Wu Tang Clan (RZA scored Ghost Dog; both he and GZA feature in Coffee and Cigarettes), and …

Sydney Film Festival review: Swiss Army Man

Making it’s Australian debut at the Sydney Film Festival, dark comedy Swiss Army Man will appease audiences who enjoyed the Tom Hanks drama Cast Away, but thought it lacked a solid serving of bodily function gags. Set on a deserted island in …

Review: Anomalisa

There’s really no need to leap inside the mind of writer/director Charlie Kaufman— à la Being John Malkovich—because his films themselves offer us a glimpse into his innermost thoughts and philosophies. This is true of Kaufman’s latest feature Anomalisa, a darkly funny …
Brigitte Bardot in a fully restored version of Jean-Luc Godard’s 1963 classic, Contempt (Le Mépris)

The French Film Festival is back in Sydney

The Alliance Française French Film Festival is returning to the Palace Cinemas in Sydney on March 1 with a fabulous film selection for French film lovers. The Festival, now in its 27th season, is the most popular French film festival in the …

Sydney Film Festival Review: Women He’s Undressed

Despite being well known in Australia in the 1930s and 1940s, legendary Australian costume designer Orry-Kelly’s remarkable story pretty much lapsed into obscurity until director Gillian Armstrong decided to make this engaging documentary about his art and life. If you love glamour …
Nikolaj Coster-Waldau in En Chance Til
Photo: Rolf Konow

Sydney Film Festival Review: A Second Chance

En Chance Til, or A Second Chance, is a gripping Danish drama by Academy Award-winning director Susanne Bier and screenwriter Anders Thomas Jensen that examines the fragility of the human condition in the face of tragedy. Police officer and family man Andreas …