Behind the Quiet Fences

Writer Rogelio Alfonzo Mendoza

Writer Rogelio Alfonzo Mendoza

Emerging young writer Rogelio Alfonzo Mendoza has an abundance of energy and imagination. Born in Venezuela and now living in Sydney, Australia, Mendoza is tomorrow launching his new book Behind the Quiet Fences.

The attraction to the thriller genre goes back many years.

“I grew up watching thrillers and horror films. My mind is constantly living a movie. I love creating, telling stories that entertain people,” he explains.

“I walk away from formalism. I like to tell the story in a simple way, straight to the point and suitable for any audience.”

While still in high school Mendoza and his friends shot a movie, just for fun. The storyline was straight out of Mendoza’s fertile imagination and the experience was so much fun that a year later they made another one.

The experience served to guide the young Monash University graduate – with two Masters degrees now under his belt, Master of International Relations and Master of Counter Terrorism Studies  – to take up writing.

“My stories have a lot of characters that are linked somehow. They laugh, they cry, and they die. I love to tell multiple storylines with twists and turns…you never see what’s coming next.

Behind the Quiet Fences was born a year ago when I was in Venezuela visiting my family. I had a lot of spare time to think and create. I told the story in my mind many times. When I came back to Australia I put it down on paper. This was a very interesting challenge since it was the first time I wrote a novel, and also the first time that I wrote it in a second language. I loved it! I learned so much. I really have a good time creating my characters and seeing them solve the mystery.”

Behind Quiet FencesGiven Mendoza’s attraction for the whodunit, it’s no surprise that his favourite authors are Agatha Christie and John Grisham.

“A good thriller has to have that ‘unexpected’ component. The reader should not expect what happens next. Secrets are around the corner and characters you didn’t have an idea knew each other interact and cause new events to unfold.

“That the plot that underpins Behind the Quiet Fences. A murder will trigger a series of unfortunate events in a story of lies, intrigue and scandals. A quiet town will be awash with bloodshed that changes everyone’s lives. Secrets come to light and everyone connected to those secrets has cause to fear for their lives.”

Mendoza has already penned his second novel, Beyond the Storm, written in his native language Spanish.

“I thought it was important to go back to my roots. It’s another thriller, murder mystery. Again, a murder will trigger a series of events at the time that a tropical storm hits the coast of a tranquil little town. The turbulence outside is a mere reflection of the violence and aggression occurring inside. Yes, more murders, lies and scandals. People will definitely love it.”

The novel will soon be translated into English.

“I just want to entertain people. That’s all I want to achieve with my stories,“ Mendoza says.

Behind the Quiet Fences will be launched on April 18 at Kulleto’s, Newtown. It is available in print and online through Amazon.

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